Today Sarah H bought baby Zoe in to give her a bath at kindergarten which was thoroughly enjoyed by many of the children. There is often a lot of dramatic play around families and babies at kindergarten so it was great for the children to have the experience of seeing a ‘real’ baby being bathed and sharing their own experiences and knowledge.
Nurturing of those younger than ourselves and learning to care for others is an important part of forming relationships. The children took it turns at washing Zoe with the wash cloths and these are some of the things they said:

“Oh she’s so cute” said Alex.
“She is a girl” said Lily.
“I touched her feet” said Jayden.
“She is poking her tongue out at us” said Alex.

Sarah G asked the children if they thought Zoe could talk. Hope said “She can only say goo-goo, ga,ga”. Sarah G also asked the children what Zoe ate.
“She can only drink milk” said Lily. There was some discussion around why Zoe only drank milk and the general consensus was that she didn’t have any teeth. Alex said “She will grow some teeth”.
Thank you Sarah and Zoe for visiting us today. It was lovely to see you both and we hope Zoe enjoyed her bath. Kaiako: Julie

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