Have you ever wondered how Chinese New Year came about or why they celebrate a new Zodiac each year?

If so you may like to click on the link below

Over the last few weeks at Kindergarten we have been doing our own investigation into Chinese New Year. Where the children have had the opportunity to partake in activities around drawing, and exploring the Zodiacs, listening to traditional stories, exploring the red pockets, books and even watching you-tube clips on our projector.

Here at Albany Kindergarten we are aware that each and everyone of us has a cultural identity, which is formed by family, community, cultural beliefs, values and the world in which we all live in. We see cultural identity embedded within our philosophy where it states

“My teachers will value the funds of knowledge that our families and Whanau bring to the Kindergarten setting and join them in partnership that helps me to learn and grow to my full potential”.

We believe for children to grow to their full potential, they need to feel a sense of belonging where they know they are valued for whom they are and the knowledge they bring to our learning community.

Exploring and unpacking a cultural festivity with children allows opportunities to develop and make sense of other cultural believes and values.

You as a parent can also help enrich your children at home through conversations and

Sharing of knowledge…

If you are looking for something to do this weekend you may like to go and explore the amazing food, music and lanterns that are on show at the Auckland Domain, in conjunction with Chinese New Year. We would love to see any photos if you go!