‘In any environment, both the degree of inventiveness and creativity, and the possibility of discovery, are directly proportional to the number and kind of variables in it.’

~ Simon Nicholson, Architect

We hope that your family is having a great holiday (and those of you who have attended the holiday programme a fantastic time). You may notice some new features to kindergarten on your return. A ‘pallet wall’ for children’s art has been created. Pallets that Teresa organised for us, were dismantled by Fran and then re purposed by Sarah.  We cant wait to display children’s artistic work in this space.

Enjoy the sneak peak below…


These holidays I stumbled across an article written by Simon Nicholson in 1972…( around the time I was born!)  Simon Nicholson developed the Theory of Loose Parts; the idea that loose parts, materials which can be moved around, designed and redesigned and therefore create an array of opportunities for creative engagement. Something which static materials do not provide.


Nicholson’s theory was mainly centered around  playground and school design and rethinking the static play equipment and environments of the time. He proposed incorporating loose materials to engage children’s natural creativity and inventiveness, that this would be a valuable learning pathway.

Loose parts promote a wide variety of play situations and develops many learning skills including problem solving, creativity and the opportunity to make choices. Here at Albany Kindergarten our recycling centre is stacked with materials that provide children with opportunities, to create, invent and weave into their social games and play.

Nicholson believed that creativity was not for the gifted few and  that all children are born as creative beings, curious about the world, keen to experiment and discover new things. I like this notion of ‘being curious’. You may notice that we  sometimes refer to ‘being curious’  when we write and document learning stories in your child’s portfolio…

You might like to read the article that  Simon Nicholson wrote – you can do this by clicking on the link below.


I have been busy collecting ‘loose parts’ on my holiday journeys and I can’t wait to discover  the things that you may have collected to share with us…


Kaiako Fran

We look forward to seeing you all – Fran, Michell, Sarah, Teresa, Julie and Michelle