Our outside environment is continuously evolving as we find new and unique ways to capture and delight our children. You may notice the dirt area around the back by the old vege patch and herb garden is transforming into a new learning space which we are calling “The Earth Kitchen”.
The range of potential learning experiences in the Earth Kitchen is vast, and is already becoming a hive of activity as children bring together elements of other much loved areas of the Kindergarten – the family corner; sandpit; nature table; and kitchen garden.
The Earth Kitchen is a truly sensory experience which captivates the imagination, transforming raw, natural materials into magic spell potions, cakes, stews, soups and medicinal concoctions. Combining water, soil, sand, stones, flowers, leaves and/or herbs into a big pot or a tiny teacup opens up a magical world of possibilities, stimulating and provoking the senses to lead learning in new directions.
We envisage the development of this area to transform over time and will keep you up to date with new posts on our blog as changes take place and we refine this space.
Kaiako Michell