A ‘circle of creativity’ occurs daily in our recycling centre as children and teachers work together on mini projects. As recycling materials come from home to kindergarten, they are shared and ideas are formed. Sometimes these materials come with a specific purpose or intention…. “I want to make some Angry birds with these bottle tops.”
Or… “I will talk to my friends cause they will have some ideas of what I could make with these containers.”
The sharing of time, knowledge and skills enables a ‘creative circle’ to evolve where thoughts are transformed into the creations of three dimensional pieces of work. We witness mathematical and literacy knowledge come to play, problem solving and innovation, the application of past knowledge to new situations and of course sustainable thinking.
Sometimes even the teacher’s come up with a creative master plan, where ideas are bounced off each other and ideas transformed.
Today a ‘circle of creativity’ between Fran and Michell enabled a string dispenser to be created for our recycling area.
The recycling centre is even a place for adults to participate in learning!
Kaiako Fran