Have you ever felt the frustration when something just keeps breaking no matter how much time, money or energy you spend on it?
Our sellotape dispensers are always breaking or loosing parts.

This week at Albany Kindergarten a solution was created after discussions between Michell and Fran.
Michell came up with a prototype idea which was discussed and created with the children.
This idea of role modelling being a creator and inventor sits within the heart of our learning environment here at Albany Kindergarten.
We want our children to think outside the square, be problem solvers and develop their ideas and theories through collaboration and consultation with others and by trying things out.
We often refer to this as a ‘circle of creativity’ where teachers work alongside children on an array of projects. Where ideas are shared and unpacked.img_4584

img_4627Our recycling centre has been a hive of activity as the new recycled tape dispenser has been tested out. A brick was even attached to it making the scissors easily accessible.
We are wondering if some of our creative Mum’s and Dad’s might have some other ideas about designing a tape dispenser for us/or with us.

We welcome your design ideas for our discussions and trials…

Kaiako Fran