You may have noticed recently at Albany Kindergarten lots of talk and documentation about Chickens! We are excited to say that in the near future we hope to have our own kindy Chickens! The children have been very busy talking about chickens, building chicken coops for the toy hens and even designing chicken coops.

We were so fortunate today to have one of our parents bring in 4 week old chicks! The children were so kind and gentle while they had a fantastic time watching the chicks play and explore our mat time. We know that with chickens being apart of our kindergarten whanua the children will learn so much from caring for them and the way they will play a big part in our sustainable practices here.

However! Before we can get chickens we need your help!

In order to get chickens we need a higher fence. So we would really appreciate contribution towards our new fence. We are hoping that families in our Kindergarten community will donate $5 for a fence paling. For those that contribute, the children will make a named clay tile which will hang from our completed fence.

Please look for the donation tin at Kindergarten and help us build our fence 🙂

Kaiako Molly