The notion of gift giving is something which we see embedded in our ‘culture of learning’ here at Albany Kindergarten.
Gift giving offers children a way of exploring ideas around love, friendship and making special connections with others.
Marilyn Price-Mitchell Ph.D is an American development psychologist who writes about the roots of positive growth and well being – suggests that “children often associate the holidays with being receivers of gifts, but according to studies in human development, it is the giving of gifts that reaps the biggest psychological rewards.”

 We often notice that materials from our ‘recycling centre’ are transformed by children and then given as a gift to family members. This sense of gift giving offers others snippets of children’s thinking, their interests and their learning quests.
These gifts come in many forms
from boxes that are decorated with brightly colored paper and lashings of cello-tape to small intricate collections of paper, lids and ribbons.


These gifts seem to say…
* you matter to me, I love you.
*I want to share what I have been doing at kindergarten with you
*I have been exploring ideas around creation, design, sustainability and literacy practices.

We know that these gifts come from the heart.

As teachers we have been reflecting upon this notion of gift giving. We believe that the kind of giving we see children engaged in comes from a place inside them that is connected to their deepest happiness. What a great notion to embrace and explore
The art of giving…

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The typhoon which struck the Philippines  has been at the forefront of our thoughts this week. With many lives lost, people displaced and the land decimated how could we not contribute…

The kindergarten committee and teacher’s have decided to donate $100 raised from our trike a thon to the Red Cross. We believe in practicing the art of giving too!

This money will go towards such things as emergency supplies of blankets, sleeping mats, hygiene kits and water carriers.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
– Mother Teresa

Enjoy your weekend everyone…Fran