Did you Know, that New Zealanders use around 1.6 billion plastic bags every year!

And did you know, you can recycle soft plastic now?

You may have seen these bins in your local supermarket and wondered what can I put in it?

The rule of thumb is…. you can put any kind of soft plastic in the bin as long as you can scrunch it up in your hand.

For example…

Plastic bags, Bubble wrap, Cereal box liners, Plastic packaging around toilet paper, kitchen towels and sanitary products.

Bread bags, Pasta and rice packaging, Frozen food packaging, Confectionery wrappers

Chip packaging, Courier bags.

And much more…

The Love NZ Soft Plastic Programme is about informing New Zealanders about how to keep plastic bags and packaging out of landfills.

Last year New Zealand dropped off over 100 Tones of soft plastic for recycling at local business that support soft plastic recycling!

You’re probably wondering where all of this soft plastic goes?

It all heads over to Australia where it is turned into plastic lumber and used to make…

  • Park benches,

  • Backyard decks,

  • Fences

  • Fitness circuits for playgrounds,

  • Even soft fall matting for playgrounds!

Here at Albany Kindergarten we are doing our part by educating our tamariki/children that soft plastics don’t need to be put into our bins. We too have a bin that we place our soft plastics into that is then taken to our local supermarket by the teachers. Look at how much soft plastic we accumulated in just one week!

Scary to think how much of this is actually ending up in our landfills

You too can do your part at home by collecting your soft plastic and dropping it off to your local supermarket. You’ll be surprised at how much less waste you will be putting out each week for collection I know I was!

Kaiako Sarah H