This coming week is recycle week in Aotearoa. I found this interesting u tube video that made me reflect on how we as consumers play such a vital role in the amount of waste that enters our landfills. Did you know that 2.5 million tonnes of waste ends up in landfills each year –  3/4 of this could be prevented by being reused, recycled or composted.

Here at Albany Kindergarten we are celebrating recycling week by continuing to work on our Hundertwasser bottle wall. A template (to scale)  has been made and the children and teachers are going to work on the design process. Thank you to all our families who have contributed an array of coloured bottles.

Have you sampled produce from our ‘kitchen garden’. We have an abundance of silver beet, parsley and peas that are ready for your ‘kitchen table’ at home.

We also have coffee grinds in our farmers market – kindly collected by Brayden’s Mum from  a local coffee shop. These are great for using around seedlings and plants in your garden. Count the number of café’s around your neighbourhood and then calculate all those used coffee grounds going to landfill!

Enjoy the weekend everyone, lets hope we get some fine weather so that you and your family have time to dig, plant and harvest produce from your garden at home too!

Kaiako Fran