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The “Forest Kindergarten” belief is that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. A forest kindergarten is a type of preschool education that is held almost exclusively outdoors. Whatever the weather, children are encouraged to play, explore and learn in a forest or natural environment. This natural approach really appeals to the nature lover in me. A little bit of rain shouldn’t, and doesn’t, stop us from playing outside, in fact there are so many new learning opportunities when the rain comes down. Today we put on our raincoats and gumboots, jumped in puddles, collected raindrops, and gathered and transported rainwater all around the play ground. Helicopter parenting is becoming more clearly recognised in the culture of fear of today’s risk averse society. While some parents rush to ‘wrap their children in cotton wool’, others see outdoor play, and the forest kindergarten approach, as a way for children to develop a mature and healthy outlook on life, as well as developing practical life long skills. What do you think?
Michell 🙂