We had the pleasure of Kaylee’s Mum (Kate) company at kindergarten today as she made cupcakes with the children. With parents time being so precious we are grateful to whanau who are able to come into kindergarten to share their knowledge and skills with the children. Nga mihi nui koe Kate, thank you.
With several ingredients to mix and add there were a multitude of helpers and budding chiefs.Kate’s electric beater proved interesting and the children enjoyed being able to see it work it’s magic at their level.

Once mixed and cooked, it was time to add the icing. The fondant icing was popular and raised several questions. The most popular being “Is it play dough?”

The cupcakes went home at the end of the day so the children’s baking and icing skills could be shared with whanau.

So how did they taste? Did the icing taste different to normal cupcake icing?

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When cooking, we use maths skills (measuring, counting), visual perceptual and spatial perceptual skills (spooning muffin mixture into the patty cases) and lots of coordination skills.

With space at a premium children have the opportunity to explore turn taking, social conventions and leadership roles.

Stirring, whisking, beating, spooning; all of these cooking processes provide children with an opportunity to develop their physical skills – both fine (fingers, hands and co-ordination) and gross (arm and body) motor skills which in turn support the development and refine muscles skills needed for writing.
Kaiako: Sarah G