We are committed to the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Partnership, Protection and Participation reflect the dual heritage of Aotearoa through our programmes, documentation and practices. We acknowledge Te Whariki, the New Zealand early childhood curriculum. It guides and inspires us as teachers. My teachers will…

  • Empower me to make decisions and strive to become independent. (Manaakitanga)
  • Encourage and challenge me to be a problem solver and investigator, to know myself and to lead my own learning. (Ukaipotanga)
  • Embrace technology practices that assist my learning quests (Ako)
  • Value my self initiated investigations, experimentations, and creative expression. (Ako, Ukaipotanga)
  • Treasure my unique gifts, curiosities, passions and potential. (Wairuatanga)
  • Make time to listen to me, respect my views and celebrate my cultural heritage and identity. (Whakapapa)
  • Value the ‘funds of knowledge’ that my families and whanau bring to the kindergarten setting and join them in partnership that helps me to learn and grow to  my full potential. (Whakapapa)
  • Be committed and passionate in regard to their own professional growth and development as an important part of ensuring a high standard of teaching. (Ako,  Rangatiratanga)
  • Develop an environment where sustainable practices and thinking as an integral part of the  curriculum and in developing life long learning skills, knowledge and understandings. (Wairuatanga, Taha Tinana)