Every day, our children are busy at the recycling centre; choosing materials and deciding what to make with them. They are …

  • growing a sense of inquiry, design and creativity.
  • thinking about and exploring concepts surrounding sustainability
  • exploring the possibilities and opportunities that unwanted materials hold
  • developing an awareness that objects can have multiple purposes. Discovering each objects unique dimensions, properties and characteristics and the way they can manipulate it.
  • developing mathematical concepts and understandings as 3 dimensional objects are manipulated and fitted together to create larger constructions.
  • Celebrating their achievements as their imaginations, ideas and concepts come to life.
  • Children empowering each other with inspirations and their creations.
  • Children developing the confidence to play around with materials.
  • Developing knowledge and understandings about the wider world, how to care for it…. exploring values such as respect, for the physical environment.

We  see old and unwanted treasures as having new possibilities when they meet children’s minds and ideas. Do you have anything around your house or place of work that you could contribute? Bags have been available in the entrance for children to take home and collect materials to bring back to kindergarten. Have you used the bag lately?