Have you ever stopped and wondered just where all those questions came from that children ask? They are endless…(my mum use to say that mine where like a broken record. Truth is they still are!)

Research suggests that a 4 year old asks around 300 questions a day and 40,000 questions between the age of 2-5 years! I have recently been reading an exert from American Warren Berger’s book, ‘A Beautiful Question’. Warren Berger is an American journalist and host of the website “A More Beautiful Question,” which is  also the title of his latest book. Berger conveys to the reader of the importance in cultivating a natural questioning learning disposition in children, where curiosity is central to being an inquirer about the world.

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This is something which we endeavour to foster here at Albany Kindergarten.  Not just a physical place where questioning and a sense of inquiry is an intrinsic part of being a learner, but skills and learning dispositions which will enable each individual to continue to ask questions throughout life. Our philosophy states, “My Teachers Will, – encourage and challenge me to be a problem solver,  investigator, to know myself and to lead my own learning. (Ukaipotanga).”

But how does this look like in practice?

Children are full of  questions and theories if we ask them, wonder with them and are actively listening to their ques. It is this questioning spirit that forms the most important part of life, not the answers…

The teacher’s at Albany Kindergarten are ever poised to embrace and value children’s questions. Time, space and acknowledgement is given to these questions no matter how big or small they are. We do not  judge the importance or value of such questions when children use them as a basis for inquiry.

In the Native Grove today a rich discussion took place about how big rocks turned into small stones…

“These are small rocks on the ground but I wonder if they were ever big ones.” Eli shared with his friends.


“Maybe once upon a time they were mummy and daddy rocks but then they changed. I wonder how they did that?’ – Eli

“Yep things change, when you get ready for bed you change into your pyjama’s. It’s so you can be comfortable when you sleep.” – Braith shared.

“So true Braith, I love getting into my pj’s they are the most comfortable attire in the whole world.” Kaiako Fran

The discussion soon turned back to the initial question…


 “I know about the rocks and how they get small, they fall in into the water and roll around and break and that’s how they became little stones like in the grove. Maybe that’s what happens?” – Zac shared.

What an amazing arrange of thinkers we have at Albany Kindergarten. Children who are willing to share theories and delve into a world of discovery through questioning.


This post is for my friend ‘A’ who never gets tired of my questioning spirit!

Kaiako Fran