As part of our commitment to sustainable practices and minimising waste here at AK, we have been exploring what happens to waste when it leaves kindergarten – where does it go?

The Auckland City Council has developed a waste minimisation centre where the wider public are able to have opportunities to experience and explore the notion of rethinking waste as a resource.

Located at the Waitakere refuse transfer station in Henderson we were fortunate to be able to visit this special place on Wednesday 14th September 2016.

Drawing upon the knowledge that we have gained from this experience we wonder what aspects we can consider with our own waste minimisation and repurposing
here at AK. We envisage that this trip will provide an ongoing catalyst for us to revise and re think our own rubbish and recycling practices.


We also hope to re develop our own waste wise centre here at kindergarten.

The process is underway… Recently one of the garden areas at the front of kindergarten has been undergoing a transformation.  Plants from this part of the garden have been dug up and  re planted. We have also moved our recycling bins, waste and garden bins into this space.

We hope that  by making our recycling  and waste efforts ‘more visible’ this will prompt us to better care for the world around us. It will also convey to the wider community what be believe and value here at Kindergarten.

As an Enviroschool Kindergarten we believe that it is important for the next generation to explore and develop practices and thinking that will enable Papatuanuku to be kept safe and healthy. The teaching team look forward to  working with the children in designing our own waste zone.

Ka pai Wednesday Kindergarten Children – you made the trip an awesome day 😉

You may like to view this U tube video about the humpback whales in Tonga, it definitely highlights the importance for society to “Minimise Waste and Maximise Thinking and Creativity.”  I had the opportunity to go to Tonga and swim with the whales several years ago. Its one for the bucket list!

Kaiako Fran