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“Scribbles are a product of a systematic investigation, rather than haphazard actions”.
John Matthews (1999) The Art of Childhood and Adolescence: The Construction of Meaning.
When children realise that their marks can be used symbolically to carry meaning, much in the same way as the spoken word, they begin to use marks to make their thinking visible.
Literacy knowledge and literacy exploration is often taking place in all areas of the Kindergarten. Mark making, letter recognition, understanding writing conventions, the significant messages that writing transmits and learning about letters, sequencing and space are all skills that children explore through their play and daily interactions.
While their images might appear to be simple mark making, they hold huge significance and meaning for the child, particularly their name.
For more information on the significance and development of children’s mark making and early writing, and tips for parents to support this exciting time in their child’s development, we have a documentation book available for you to read at your leisure.
Kaiako Michell