Shadow and light often capture children’s interests. They offer opportunities for children to explore and make meaning about the world around them.
Recently at Kindergarten we have set up a special designated light centre for children to explore light and shadows.
Though the light table has been used regularly for painting and construction experiences we were keen to explore this further – what different materials could we introduce to this space?

The walls in the old locker area have been painted with a fresh coat of paint, a string of fairy lights hung and pieces of equipment re-introduced and presented for the children to explore.
We are calling it our ‘Light Centre’ – a place to explore light, colour and shadows.

Our thoughts so far…

“The light makes the picture travel, the picture travels on the light.” – Cade
“A shadow puppet is when your fingers make the shape and the light and shadows on the wall show you the shape.”-Sena
“It’s like magic, a magic show.” – Coen