Thank you to all our parent helpers who joined us on our annual venture to the
on Monday. If you click on the link (sculpture)  you will be able to view a u tube video about how the garden centre started and how the sculpture trail embraces artists from the wider community.

We would love the children of Albany Kindergarten to be artists that contribute to the art trail one day.

Being immersed in nature and viewing some art pieces will hopefully inspire us as we prepare for our annual art exhibition due to be held in early May.

We know that when children participate in artistic experiences that this supports creative thinking. Such experiences predominantly use the right side of the  brain where function of thought, intuition and creativity take place.

Pencil in Friday the 6th May 2016 in your diary  to see the creative works that the children have been busy designing and making.

Kaiako Fran

February 2016brain