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Today we explored the idea of a litterless lunchbox. A litterless lunch encompasses the principle of ‘not creating waste’.
Here at Albany Kindergarten minimising our waste practices is something which we are currently exploring. Together as a learning community we have been considering the amount of waste that we generate. We know that there is some waste that can be recycled, repurposed and is biodegradable. We also know that some waste is not good for the earth  – Papatūānuku or Tangaroa the sea.
And so, as we have been reflecting upon lunch box litter with a view to providing children with ‘tools for change’.

So Why Explore Such Concepts?

# Such practices reflect the Enviroschools principles and are also reflected in Albany Kindergarten’s philosophy.

# We want our learning community to be active explorers, thinkers and to embrace new ways of thinking and doing.

# We also know that by providing opportunities for our children to explore such concepts we are in fact saying,
‘You are a citizen of the world and we value your perspectives and contributions’.

#We are empowering our children to be change advocates.

Today we made material lunch wraps at the kitchen table. Everyone was able to choose a piece of fabric and help with the sewing process.
Then we made sandwiches to fill them.

Enviroschools Guiding Principle 5 – Sustainable Communities act in ways that nurture people and nature, now and in the future, to maintain the health and viability of our environment, society, culture and economy.Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.23.58 pm

Some of our children have also been sharing how they recycle, repurpose and embrace waste minimisation practices at home.

Waste minimisation is important to our family. I will send you through the photos so you can see how we deal with lunch box litter.” –  Email from Tania (Albany Kindergarten Parent)

Kaiako Fran