Friedensriech Hundertwasser
was a lateral thinker – in his art and architecture as well as his ecological ideas.  He  challenged the world around him. He wanted to make people receptive to beauty and aware of their own creative thoughts and actions. Hundertwasser spent some time in Aotearoa, New Zealand. You may have seen or heard about the famous toilets in Kawakawa that he designed and built. We think that his ideas, values and art are something that we would like to explore here at Albany Kindergarten.

To support children’s learning and understanding of bottle wall construction we have developed our own three dimensional template. Old boards that Michell picked up from the side of the road in our local industrial area were transformed into a free standing wall. Holes were drilled ( Fran’s Queens birthday project) and a stand was made.
Though glass bottles will be used in the final project (our kindergarten bathroom/entrance renovation) ;  we are presently working with old coke bottles filled with coloured water to engage the children in the early stages of the process.
We wonder where else this learning will lead.

We have also been exploring Hundertwasser’s paintings. We are fortunate to have a couple of  his prints to inspire us at the art easel.