At Albany Kindergarten we are so fortunate to have the space and resources to grow our own plants and vegetables. As an Enviroschool, on a journey to create a sustainable environment and practices, we have placed a huge focus on our natural environment. Throughout the years on this journey just through gardening alone we have seen the way that gardening encourages different types of engagement for children from

  • Designing, planting, and caring for our gardens
  • Harvesting, preparing, and sharing food
  • Working cooperatively in groups
  • Learning about science and nutrition
  • Creating art and stories inspired by nature and so much more.

When children grow their own food, they learn about the fundamental principles of ‘what sustains life on earth’.

During the past few months we have been harvesting and planting in our community gardens and vegetable garden. We discovered some pumpkins that were ready to harvest and ready to make into some pumpkin soup, not before we had the opportunity to do some observational drawings.

The children helped to peel and cut the vegetables. We used our very own home grown pumpkins and some additional vegetables for the delicious soup that now sits in our community kitchen freezer ready to give to our families. The children were all so proud to have used the pumpkins from our garden that we had carefully nurtured for such a long time. We made sure to save the seeds so that we could plant them in our garden once more.

It is fantastic to see the children have the opportunity to participate in this natural growing cycle. They see how how the seed grows with care into the pumpkin, which we cook and share, but also the way we save the seeds to plant again so that we have more pumpkins next time. What better way to truly understand the way that nature works while contributing to the cycle ourselves.

We had so many seeds from our pumpkin so we have placed them in our farmers market to share with our community.

-Kaiako Molly