Embracing Children’s Participation in Decision making…

Sociologist Roger Hart wrote a book called ‘Children’s Participation: The theory and Practice of Involving Young Citizens in Community Development and Environmental care’ for UNICEF in 1997. The ladder of children’s participation is one of the many significant tools from the book.

Harry Shier (2000) also developed a model of children’s participation which has five levels….

•children are listened to
•children are supported in expressing their views
•children’s views are taken into account
•children are involved in decision – making processes
•children share power and responsibility for decision – making

We think that these ideas of participation can be embraced from an early childhood perspective. The children at Albany Kindergarten are increasingly engaged as researchers, planners, teachers, decision makers and advocates in their day to day learning with the world around them.

With this in mind we are undertaking a long term project  in developing the fenced  area beside the kindergarten storage shed.

At present it is an undeveloped wilderness….

We are interested in working with our children and community in developing ideas about how we could transform this space…

What elements both natural and man made will we incorporate?

We are documenting  our ideas and thoughts about this on one of the kindergarten walls over the coming term…

Below is a photo of how it looks at present. We look forward to sharing our collective ideas with you as this space evolves in the upcoming months.IMG_1461

We look forward to seeing you all next week.

The Team at Albany Kindergarten.