This short clip from the Sunday programme is worth a look. What are your thoughts on this? Michell attended a workshop recently on empowering children to take risks.

I attended a workshop on Guy Claxton and his research into how children become better learners and ‘Building learning power’. We discussed the importance of children developing a “risk-taking” attitude towards learning.
It’s so easy for us to fall into the trap of thinking that our job is to protect our children from every possible danger and to wrap them up in cotton wool in order to keep them safe from harm, however, this probably isn’t the best way forward.  The fact is, by bubble wrapping our children, we make them more vulnerable.  If children don’t develop a healthy attitude to risk, then the danger is that they will either end up going out of their way to avoid challenge altogether or they will be drawn indiscriminately to serious risk. Taking reasonable risks is a valuable “Habit of Mind” or “learning disposition” for young children to develop. As adults we need to trust our children as competent and understand that they will make mistakes but that they will also learn from them.
There are ways of gently and reasonably increasing the level of risk in our children’s lives so that they become confident, capable learners and risk takers. Our aim is to raise strong, independent, thinking citizens who know they can handle anything that comes their way. Let’s remove that cotton wool and bubble wrap and truly experience life as it was meant to be experienced.
Kaiako Michell.