Participating and contributing

Soft Plastic

Did you Know, that New Zealanders use around 1.6 billion plastic bags every year! And did you know, you can recycle soft plastic now? You may have seen these bins in your local supermarket and wondered what can I put in it? The rule of thumb is…. you can put [...]

From the earth to the table

At Albany Kindergarten we are so fortunate to have the space and resources to grow our own plants and vegetables. As an Enviroschool, on a journey to create a sustainable environment and practices, we have placed a huge focus on our natural environment. Throughout the years on this journey just through gardening alone we [...]

Rock Hunting

With the holidays fast approaching, the children have been busy painting rocks so they can join in with the rock hunting craze that swept the country during the last Summer holidays. We found out about this activity when one of our children shared the colourful rocks he had discovered hiding in a park on a recent visit [...]

Gibbs Farm and Sculpture Walk

    It takes all kind of people to make things happen and get things done. Such ways of thinking and working are part of our ethos here at Albany Kindergarten. The contributions, suggestions and support from our learning community enable our environment to be a fabulous place to learn, grow and have fun! [...]

The Year Of The Rooster

Have you ever wondered how Chinese New Year came about or why they celebrate a new Zodiac each year? If so you may like to click on the link below Over the last few weeks at Kindergarten we have been doing our own investigation into Chinese New Year. Where the children have [...]

The Allotment

We have been fortunate to be a participant of Transpower community Grants Programme, along with Albany Primary School. The approved joint-grant will enable a heritage garden including pergola to be built at the Primary School along with our community garden or (the Allotment) as we are planning on calling it. The notion of allotments in [...]

It’s a Wrap – Celebrating the Idea of a Litterless Lunch

    Today we explored the idea of a litterless lunchbox. A litterless lunch encompasses the principle of ‘not creating waste’. Here at Albany Kindergarten minimising our waste practices is something which we are currently exploring. Together as a learning community we have been considering the amount of waste that we generate. We [...]

The Art of Giving…

The notion of gift giving is something which we see embedded in our ‘culture of learning’ here at Albany Kindergarten. Gift giving offers children a way of exploring ideas around love, friendship and making special connections with others. Marilyn Price-Mitchell Ph.D is an American development psychologist who writes about the roots of positive growth and [...]

The Bean Teepee

Fee fi fo fum, digging in the garden is great fun! Our vegetable garden has expanded with the addition of a 'bean teepee'. It turned out to be quite a mathematical project as we worked out how to create a circle shape in the ground by measuring the diameter and radius of the [...]

Tui Garden Challenge

AUGUST 2013 THE TUI SCHOOL GARDEN CHALLENGE - WHAT IS IT? The Tui School Garden Challenge is an annual competition to find the best school or early childhood garden in New Zealand. The aim of the competition is to encourage 'growing and learning' and sharing this with the wider community. 2013 is the third year [...]