At Albany Kindergarten we see the outdoor environment as an important tool for learning about and being connected tot he earth.
Exploring Papatuanuku’s gifts enables insights to be gained about the smallest creatures and their habitats.
We develop knowledge about the importance that insects and bugs have to a broader ecological system.
We are also able to explore empathy towards others, ideas of caring and nurturing other things and the notion that we human beings are guardians of the earth.
We have been exploring the idea of creating a bug hilton with the children. What materials might we need? How will we build it? How will the insects know that it is a house for them?
A recent book purchase from New Zealand author Janet Luke – ( Green Urban Living), helped us to get started. We looked at photos and read about how to build one. The children shared their ideas and drew their designs of what he house might look like and what types of insects might live inside.
This might be something you might like to construct at home…..