You might have noticed an increased interest in Lego Ninjago at home.

Several children in the Pohutukawa session have been developing and extending their interest in Superheroes/transformers/ Mummies/ Ninja’s and goodies vs baddies over the year.

Ninjago is the popular area of exploration at the moment and the children have a wealth of knowledge about the different characters. Their representations of different characters and their explanations as to why they like different characters have evolved over time and are becoming more intricate and detailed.

They  have spent considerable time explaining different ninja’s powers or special abilities and exploring the idea of what it means to be a goody or baddy. Over the last few weeks they have been showing us their ICT skills and using the lap tops with confidence to find Ninjago sites that can support their learning and better explain the characters. is their site of choice.

We have noticed children who are more experienced in the use of a computer are teaching their peers by sharing their knowledge and skills. Using a track pad instead of a mouse requires finer movements and sometimes a combination of fingers but this has not deterred our learners.

For other children the desire to be part of the excitement resulted in a Ninjago show. Tickets were sold, pop corm provided and seats reserved. While actors were slightly harder to find, the preparation and organisation was superb and the fun was in the waiting for the movie to start.

While adults often use technology as a tool for completing a task, for younger generations it is intertwined into their daily lives. They understand when you take a digital camera an image will appear on the back (and are perplexed when using older technology and this does not happen), that a phone will have more than the simplistic action of buttons to call someone, that tablets can entertain and inform and that computers are easy to use and hold a wealth of information and entertainment.

Technology offers children another means of expression and another layer of communication. Properly used, technology can serve as a catalyst for social interaction and conversation, promote literacy, storytelling, drawing and dramatic play.

Just as blocks do not replace crayons but rather provide an additional means of expression, computers, cameras and other forms of technology add to the array of tools available to children to explore, create and communicate. is  a child/adult friendly cypersafe  site to explore together for ways to keep your child is safe when they go online and use technology.