The spirit of giving to others without expectations is an important life lesson for all children.
Through experience and practice, children develop their own thoughts, practices and values in regards to this concept.
At Albany Kindergarten we are constantly encouraging our children to think of ways they can help others and take care of our environment and their community.
Over the last few years we have been developing a relationship with Aria Gardens Rest Home, across the road from kindergarten, on Bass Road.

And with some fantastic whānau support we have been creating some delicious treats at kindergarten with the children and taking them over to the residents for their morning tea.
For the residents at the rest home this is always a welcomed visit and for our children it is an opportunity to understand who lives behind the fence that they often walk past on their way to kindergarten.
For some of our children this is the first time that they have been in a rest home but they seem to naturally understand that it is a place where they need to show respect and thoughtfulness for the people that call Aria Gardens home.
It’s also a great opportunity to develop communication skills, explore social conventions and develop confidence.

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A big thank you to Levi, Penny, Carmen, Hailey, Elaina and Ankith who helped us on our latest food delivery and all the great bakers at kindergarten who were excited to help. A special thank you to the residents and staff at Aria Gardens for welcoming us into their home as well.