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One bag too many.

Time seems to pass so quickly and in 14 or so years, the children who share our kindergarten environment with us now will be celebrating the start their adult years, adventuring out into the wider world. The question we need to ask is what world do we see our children living in? Will New Zealand [...]

Every piece of plastic ever made still exists!

I remember as a parent 11 years ago when my youngest son started school being a bit perplexed when the school decided to remove rubbish bins at lunch time. They asked children to take their waste home under the guise of ‘taking care of the environment' and I wondered then how moving the waste from [...]

Just play – or is it?

I hope that you enjoy this interesting post about 'play'. Here at Albany Kindergarten we see play as a fundamental principle of learning that both children and adults are actively engaged in every day. We hope that you all have a great weekend everyone and find time to play :-) Kaiako Fran

Rock Hunting

With the holidays fast approaching, the children have been busy painting rocks so they can join in with the rock hunting craze that swept the country during the last Summer holidays. We found out about this activity when one of our children shared the colourful rocks he had discovered hiding in a park on a recent visit [...]

We just play here.

Play based learning is a term that is freely and openly used in the early childhood arena and one I am sure you have heard before. But what does it actually mean? What does it look like at kindergarten and how does your child benefit from this theory of teaching and learning? When you walk [...]

Gibbs Farm and Sculpture Walk

    It takes all kind of people to make things happen and get things done. Such ways of thinking and working are part of our ethos here at Albany Kindergarten. The contributions, suggestions and support from our learning community enable our environment to be a fabulous place to learn, grow and have fun! [...]

Being part of the community.

The spirit of giving to others without expectations is an important life lesson for all children. Through experience and practice, children develop their own thoughts, practices and values in regards to this concept. At Albany Kindergarten we are constantly encouraging our children to think of ways they can help others and take care of our [...]

The Year Of The Rooster

Have you ever wondered how Chinese New Year came about or why they celebrate a new Zodiac each year? If so you may like to click on the link below Over the last few weeks at Kindergarten we have been doing our own investigation into Chinese New Year. Where the children have [...]

A different type of art

During the long weekend my family and I decided to spend the day at Browns Bay Beach. For us the beach has not always been a place to play cricket, go surfing or lay in the sun, but it is a blank canvas ready for our next master piece. With the recent passing of Carrie [...]