Messages are objects of communication, a vessel which provides information… makes connections. Just as people have used messages enclosed in bottles and sent these across oceans, we can also create our own message traditions. The offering of spaces, time and materials provides meaningful opportunities for children to converse with each other using drawing and text…

We want children to place value on this form of communication as a rich source of dialogue with each other.

A surge in the writing of letters, receiving mail and replying to these has highlighted a group of children’s interest in letter writing and  letter formation. Cards and notes have been created and  offered to each other. Where may this interest lead?

We are planning to develop a literacy letter wall – inspired from ‘The Block Australia.’ We think this would be a fun way to promote literacy recognition and something cool for one of our kindergarten walls. We have some MDF letters to decorate with the children and may even create some letter shapes of our own, designing these and using a jigsaw to cut them out (with Fran’s help). These will then be painted or decorated with materials from our recycling centre. We also want to invite our families to be a part of this… Maybe you might have some old letters,  signs or number plates to contribute.